Monthly Archives: September 2016

Monday – not so fun day. 

As I post this it is after 11:30 at night.  I have had over 7 Dos XXs (I lost count) and the rest of a bag of Mrs. Baird’s powdered donuts.  

Can anyone relate to being employed in a position where you are overqualified and yet undertrained?  

My explanation…I took a job as a loan assistant at a bank, my field is as a legal secretary, but I’ve worked in a bank before…(many years ago when Fred Flintstone was still a youngster).  This should be easy, a little training and voila!  But no!  Training would diminish the loan assistant who already rules the roost.  God forbid she share any knowledge and help ease the piles which decorate the landscape of her desk!  Is it really so hard to share with someone to ease your load in life?  Would it diminish you in another’s eyes if you were to have help along the way to move your work along?

Obviously the answer is yes and therefore the one who refuses to train and/or let go will be stuck with all the work as the newbie will forge on to happier pastures!